News for a New Humanity

Our News for a New Humanity Newsletter gives us the opportunity to inform you of the positive transformation already taking place in the world. It is our service to you: an inspiring document full of global news and stories about the emergence and convergence of a critical mass of people who share a vision of the world based on peace, compassion, social justice, sustainability, and the awareness of our common being and destiny.

Our aim is to connect caring communities, groups, and individuals ("Change Agents") at a global level, to promote the understanding of humanity's underlying unity and to advance its expression.

News for a New Humanity will share and celebrate stories of some of the many who are working around the world, in commerce, NGOs or through selfless service, to bring about sustainable change. Hopefully, these stories will inspire others around the world, so they too, join in fanning the flames of change. Every issue will bring you InterPress Service news assessing the state of the world and bringing you global stories that are often ignored by mainstream news agencies, plus articles from Resurgence, the magazine at the heart of earth, art and spirit, as well as stories and projects from Alliance for a New Humanity supporters all over the world. Share it with your friends, share your stories with us, and stay connected.

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