”An emergence is happening everywhere, unsung heroes are courageously demonstrating that a change of heart, a unified humanity and an improvement of the quality of life for all, is possible and is linked to a new conception of life. United in giving to others, in their absolute desire for a more human world, they have already started to generate change, taking risks in experience as profound as love and solidarity. And the Earth will become impregnated with their perseverance.” --Words from Argentinean laureate writer, Ernesto Sabato, at the Conference which launched the idea of the Alliance for a New Humanity.

Now, more than ever, we continue to be hopeful that together we will influence change in our lives and in our communities gradually building a network for change. We are an alliance of individuals, groups, and organizations from all walks of life and all aspects of the human agenda, focused on improving the sustainability, the capacity to be happy, the social equity and the serenity of our human family.
In spite of the odds, we know that the only way we can succeed, is to come together, sharing in the consensus of our unity, celebrating unity in the midst of diversity. This is what the Alliance really means. We would like to populate this website with the ever increasing faces of inspired humanity; with the collective resurgence of intention to change this world for the better. We want to make this page a convergence plaza for the many who feel the oneness of humanity.

Stay tuned and help us, with your ideas, your stories of transformation and your participation. Together we will help each other to change. ANH Board of Directors

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Through meaningful relationships, we build each other and we find the deep energy to further our own transformation. Share your passion and create a new story for humanity.

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We are well on our way to reaching a “critical mass”. However, to continue this great work, we need your participation.

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