Garlic is more commonly used as a spice in everyday cooking but it has significant medicinal properties. The herb has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used garlic, so did ancient Indians. Europe has been using garlic in a myriad of ways since the medieval times. Historically, garlic has been used as a digestive aid, diuretic, anti-parasitic and antibiotic. It is used in tonics to cure infections including colds. Garlic is useful in preventing and facilitating the treatments of various ailments. The medicinal properties and hence the benefits of garlic have been scientifically proven.


Raw garlic is white. Black garlic is basically a fermented version of white garlic. The fermentation process generally spans a month in a setting wherein the heat & humidity are stringently regulated. The white garlic turns soft and develops a texture similar to jelly. There are two distinct differences between white garlic and black garlic that anyone would be able to spot are color and odor. White garlic has what is usually referred to as a garlicky smell. Black garlic does not have this odor. The taste of black garlic is also substantially different from that of white garlic. Black garlic tastes almost like figs.


The benefits of white garlic are retained in black garlic. Some of the properties are enhanced. White garlic has over four hundred compounds that contribute to the various health benefits of the herb. One such compound is allicin. These compounds are present in every clove of garlic so using a little is more than sufficient in day-to-day cooking or in homemade tonics for health. The active compound allicin is the one responsible for the distinct garlicky odor. Both white garlic and black garlic can reduce the level of homocysteine in human bloodstream. The amino acid homocysteine can damage the walls of arteries and also lead to an increase in cholesterol deposition. The reduction of homocysteine is thus essential for a healthy heart.


White garlic and black garlic increases hydrogen sulfide production and this enhances blood circulation. Garlic can regulate blood pressure and assist healthy clothing. You may choose either white garlic or black garlic over aspirin and experience better results. White garlic and black garlic increases activity of white blood cells and thereby strengthens the immune system. You would be better protected against infections caused by different types of fungi such as candida. Garlic is antimicrobial. It has been used as an antidote to dysentery and cholera. It is used as an antibiotic, to an extent of treating battle wounds when medicines were not available. Garlic can regulate healthy levels of blood sugar and increase secretion of testosterone, hence enhance libido.


Black garlic is more beneficial than white garlic because it contains more allicin. Black garlic has a high content of amino acids. It has almost twice the amount of antioxidants than white garlic. Black Garlic has high concentrations of S-Allycysteine. This compound can help your body to absorb allicin more readily and hence extract the maximum benefits. Black garlic is also easier to digest than white garlic.

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