Do you want to lose weight quickly? Here are some strategies that will help you burn calories in a minute or even less. Include these tips in your daily routines and the results won’t be late.

One thing you can do is to mix your favourite juice with water. Combine half of the amount you drink with water and you will reduce 85 calories with each glass you have. This means that you can lose about 5 pounds for a year.

woman drink waterWalking is a great way to lose weight. So, use every opportunity to walk, even when you are on the phone. While you do the laundry you can burn about 68 calories; you will lose 85 calories when you set the table and about 102 calories when you water the plants.

Green tea enhances weigh loss as it contains antioxidants which help you burn calories easier. It is recommended to drink green tea every day, and especially before walking or exercising. However, people with high blood pressure should not consume green tea.


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