Dehydrated skin is defined as the skin in which surface dehydration takes place. It is the problem affecting about ninety eight percent of the population. It has different problems associated in varying ways. It leads to scaly, taut, premature ageing and various symptoms.
This is taut skin with a scaly feel, revealing a lot of superficial lines and prone to premature ageing. As is obvious, this skin condition is caused by the rapid loss of water on thin surface of the skin.


The clue to surface hydration is provided by the horny layer. There are several causes of dehydration of the moisture from the skin.
1. Poor cleansing is major reason as soap could be really harsh to the skin as it is alkaline in nature. It takes away the hydro-lipid film from the surface of the epidermis and thus the horny layer is exposed. It is unprotected and thus leads to moisture loss. Other alkaline washes which are known to cause sever problems are the foaming cleansers and alcohol solutions which are used for problem as well as oily skin. This is due to the reason that they produce closed comedones which is known as clogging. Therefore, it results in blackheads and pustules.
2. Skin is the next cause of dehydrated skin. It might be the result of acne treatments such as retinoic acid, hexachlorophene, hydrogen peroxide and many more. Usually the skin is affected by either exposure to the sun and also the dermal tissues fail to function properly.
3. Neglecting the skin and not giving proper care could also lead to dehydrated skin. As fluids like water is the most important nutrition for the skin. Applying moisturizers regularly also brings life to the skin.
4. Regular usage of scrubs on the skin could lead to breaking down of the cell cohesion in different skin types. This would reduce the ability to retain moisture and it also leads to damage to the capillaries.
5. Using astringents with alcohol could take away the sebum from the upper layers and they act as strong cleansers.
6. Air conditioning or exposure to extreme climate could lead to loss of moisture from the skin. Hence adequate protection is very important. The skin has to be protected from both extremities of cold as well as hot.
7. The hot showers could remove the sebum from the surface of the skin. This is because of the friction as well heat of hot water and it results in capillary damage and dehydration. While bathing in hot water, always practice to wash face with lukewarm water only.
8. Diet plays a major role in enhancing the skin tone. Dehydration of the skin could be caused by excessive salt intake. Sodium chloride known as salt as the ability to transfer water from the cells interior to the interstitial fluids which creates bloating as well water retention simultaneously.
9. Coffee plays a major role in dehydration.

Dehydrated Skin Care

The most important thing is to point out the cause for dehydration and take necessary steps to overcome it. There are several cosmetic products available today to treat various skin issues.
1. Use oil in water emulsions having natural moisturizing factors known as NMF. They include glucose, amino acids or electrolytes. They play a major role in retaining the moisture on the surface of the skin. But they should not be depended upon during harsh or extreme climatic conditions.
2. The most reliable protection is offered by the protective creams which have high lipid content. The chemical similarity is very same to that of the skin’s own surface film. Therefore, only small amount needs to be massaged in.
3. In many situations and some skin types the humectants consisting of sorbitol or glycerin is considered to be very useful. But while using these you have to very careful as they are attracted towards moisture and at certain instances they even take away water from the lower skin layers. It is not recommended for individuals suffering already from dehydration or those who are in dry climate areas.


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