Placentophagy is a much-heard concept these days all across the globe. Now, what does it mean and is it a healthy practice or not? These types of questions are very much apparent. If one goes by the reports of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this practice of eating the placenta is not doing any good but harming the baby severely. It may prove harmful to the baby as per the recent researches. Hence, this practice of eating one’s own placenta – oxygen and nutrients providing an organ to the baby in case of a pregnant woman should be discouraged at all points of time.

Benefits of eating the placenta

Some women believe that eating these placenta pills help them with increased milk production, ward up postpartum depression and boost the levels of iron in their body. Thus if not major but a few fans of the practice can be seen all around the world without fail.

Processing the placenta and encapsulation in the form of pills

Processing the placenta and encapsulating them in the form of pills involve a serious process, which must be followed at all points of time. None of the steps should be missed for any of the reasons. Use of safe techniques is the need of the hour and must be practiced as and when possible. These companies processing the placenta do not get any regulations from the Food and Drug Administration.

As such if one goes by the reports the act of eating the placenta holds no records or data to it. Thus nothing can be confirmed and should be taken the way as it is. The process of encapsulating the placenta is not a natural one and involves certain procedures to follow in the safest manner possible. One can make it from the above-mentioned points that eating the placenta is encouraged by many and condoned by some. Even the celebrities are doing the same, and that is one of the reasons for the trend of picking up among the new mothers. It is more of a show business rather than the exact use of the same to the mother as well as the child.

Case study of an Oregon infant getting infected again

In fact, the placenta pills have been found to be the cause of an infant’s recurrent infection in Oregon. A group of doctors and health officials has confirmed the same. These placenta pills were found to have infectious bacteria, which were not doing any good to either the mother as well as the child. The infant was getting infected from the use of the same and was not able to recover from the situation even in the presence of the doctors.

The infection was spreading to the infant from the mother whenever there was a skin-to-skin contact or the infant has been breastfed by the mother. Nowadays, every pregnant woman is checked for the same and necessary treatment given if the need be.

In a nutshell, eating the placenta is putting the life of the baby in danger. Thus this practice must be avoided to the maximum possible extent. It is not only harmful but deadly for the infants.


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