Many experts believe that watching TV for too long affects our health. Most people spend quite a long time sitting in front of the TV. This may lead to obesity, as they are physically inactive and in most of the cases they eat something while watching. Then, after they realize they have gained in weight, people decide to follow some kind of a crash diet which affects their health.

However, you can avoid all these negative effects on your health and figure by doing some simple exercises while watching TV. It’s a pretty good idea to use these periods to improve your health and to lose weight. So, while you are watching your favourite sitcom, you can do the following simple exercises:



Exercise 1


You need to lie on your back with bent knees. Then, put your hands across the chest and lift your head and shoulders up towards the ceiling. Lower them back again and try to make 12-15 repetitions. This exercises trains the core muscles by increasing their strength and flexibility.


Exercise 2


You should stand straight with legs apart and raise your hands up to the level of the shoulders, parallel to the floor. Then bend your upper body to the left and hold your left ankle with your left hand. The right hand should be pointing towards the ceiling. It is important to bend sideways, not to the front. Remain in this position until you feel the stretch in your hips. Repeat the exercises on the other side.


Exercise 3


You need to sit on your couch for this exercise. Fold your hands while you keep your legs apart. Then raise your butt some inches away from the couch and remain in this position for a few seconds before you sit back. Try to repeat this as long as the commercials last.  Your spine should be straight when you make the squats. This exercise is beneficial for your butt, spine, thighs and hips.


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