Hair loss is more common in men rather than in women. Actually, half of the men aged 50 and more are affected by this problem. Androgenic alopecia, also called male patterned baldness, is the most common form of male hair loss. Scientific studies have proven that it is mainly caused by a hormone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This hormone influences the receptors in the scalp and the result of this influence is thinning hair. Finally, as the thinning progresses, the hair falls completely.

Treatment of Hair LossMale patterned baldness can be treated with prescription and non-prescription medications. Commonly, the treatments find a way to block DHT in order to prevent hair loss. The most popular and widely used medications are Finasteride (Propecia) and Minoxidil (Rogaine).

Propecia is a DHT inhibitor that blocks DHT activity. However, this medication has some side effects. Thus, men using Propecia to treat hair loss experience erection problems. Rogaine may cause skin irritation and dizziness, and can increase the heart rate.

Side effects are not the only problem associated with chemical medications. The other problem is that they are not effective in all cases. Research had proven that Rogaine was helpful in 25% of the cases. It means that if you decide to use chemical drugs to treat hair loss you risk experiencing serious side effects without being absolute sure that the medications will be effective and will help you solve your problem.

Fortunately, chemical drugs have good alternative – natural hair loss treatment products. Nature is an endless source of herbs and plants that are very beneficial for treatment of various diseases and conditions. Hair loss is no exception. Saw Palmetto is an herb that functions as a natural DHT inhibitor. It is cheaper and safer that other synthetic products available on the market. Saw Palmetto is widely used in numerous hair loss treatment products.

Zinc is another natural ingredient that works to prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT. As a result, zinc reduces DHT levels in the body.

Many hair loss treatment products contain a combination of Saw Palmetto and zinc. They are very effective and safe products which stop hair loss and promote new hair growth.


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