As per the reports by the World Health Organization (WHO), Yemen is facing the severe outbreak of cholera. In fact, 1500 people have lost their lives since April and the major part of the people seems affected by the same. The toll has alarmingly reached to 46000 people thus making it essential to stop the outbreak of this deadly disease. Other than this deadly disease, Saudi Arabia is in itself a war affected country, and therefore, the people have to face the consequences of the war as well as this epidemic too.

As per the words of Dr. Nevio Zagaria, WHO representative in Yemen, cholera is spreading its wings to all parts of the country. The situation seems to be grim and must be taken good care of. End of April till the first week of July has seen many cases of the people getting hold of the disease as well as related deaths due to the same.

Causes of outbreak of cholera as an epidemic

The WHO representative in Yemen is looking for more help to combat this disease. In fact, the war between Saudi Arabia and Iran is the sole and whole reason for the outbreak of this disease. It generally starts with contaminated food or water as well as poor sanitation facilities. It is more of an emergency situation, which must be tackled at the initial stage itself, and the spread of the same should be brought to an end for the welfare of one and all.

The major suspected cases include children from these war-hit countries. The reason could be their vulnerability to the disease as well as the war-like situation forcing the people to stay in unlivable and unhygienic conditions. Thus the spread of cholera must be stopped at the earliest.

Due to this severity, the health officials of Yemen were badly affected. The infrastructure has fallen to pieces, and the country is lacking even the basic amenities needed for the survival.  The health officials are working to battle out this disease without being paid for approximately a period of six months or so. World Health Organization is making the payment to the emergency staff to keep them on their toes and in order to avoid further spreading of the disease.

Measures were taken by WHO to combat cholera

WHO is taking pains to bring down the toll of cholera patients in Yemen by all possible means. In fact, they are making the arrangement of maximum beds to accommodate more of the patient and provide them with the best of the treatment at the earliest. The WHO is setting up treatment centers with 50-60 beds each. The related staff is working round the clock to serve the patients and take the total number of beds to 5000 in order to provide major relief to the cholera patients.

To conclude, World Health Organization (WHO) is taking the initiative to beat the cholera cases in Yemen and war-hit Saudi Arabia. More so UNICEF is also working in tandem to replenish the exhausted supplies and medicines needed to treat the patients without any further delays.


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