Over the weekend, United States Senator Chuck Schumer got in touch with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to look into the snortable chocolate powder, Coco Loko, which is fast gaining popularity, especially among the younger generation. The reason behind the same being the energy it provides to the person consuming the same and takes him or her to greater heights, which are experienced within a short span of time. 

Cocaine on training wheels and a medium to boost energy levels

These snortable chocolates are often referred as “cocaine on training wheels” and give a new high to the person consuming the same. It is even feared that the younger lot will definitely experiment with the product without knowing its ill effects in detail. More so, it would not only prove harmful but is being marketed as a drug which gives immense pleasure and changes the life for a while.

Orlando-based company Legal Lean, manufacturers of the product Coco Loko, are of the view that the product takes the person consuming the same to safer heights and provides him the much-needed energy to do anything and everything. Thus the product contains caffeine and other ingredients used in energy drinks. As per the company, the product is completely safe while consumed but the doctors seem unsure about its effects on one’s health. It is supposed to cause harm to the nasal passage of the person consuming the same.

Why is Chuck Schumer criticizing the product?

Chuck Schumer is completely against the use of such caffeine-based stimulants, especially by the younger generation. He is the view that the children should give it a miss rather than trying the same even for a single time. According to him, the product is completely deficient of any kind of health value. None of the parents would be willing for its intake by their children at such an early age. Thus as per him, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should take a concrete step and help the youngsters in avoiding the use of this harmful product.

As such this product is gaining widespread popularity as it is far better to snort the stimulants rather than drinking the same in the form of energy drinks. This way, it affects the body in the most negative manner and harms it severely. Chuck Schumer posed the next and the most important concern that this caffeine based product will soon become a candy and readily available as a harmful drug.

In fact, he feels it is not just a regular chocolate but also more of a harmful product, the effects of which remain unquestioned. The manufacturers of the product keep the ingredients unknown to the consumers. If one goes by the various news reports, Coco Loko contains the ingredients similar to an energy drink which gives a new high to the person and makes him or her full of energy till the last.

Lastly, according to the views of Chuck Schumer, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must evaluate this caffeine-based product and regulate as well. In fact, he is the one who has been criticizing the product since long.


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