It is quite difficult to choose right health products from overloaded products in market. Even while standing in a health food store, you cannot make decision about which product is better for you and which one can cause severe health issues. You will find a large dizzying collection of nutritional and dietary supplements on the shelf that makes selection quite difficult. There are unlimited options to choose from, minerals to vitamins to several weight loss pills. But you can never predict that which one of these will actually work in a positive way. Which one is best? This is probably the most complicated question to answer.

Let us go through few deep details associated with common dietary supplements; they can help you to make better decisions for your health.

How Dietary Supplements are Regulated?

As per the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act-1994; the things related to dietary supplements include details like:

  • They are produced to supplement diet in a good way.
  • They can contain one or many ingredients like amino acids, herbs, vitamins and many other constituents.
  • These supplements must be consumed from mouth only.
  • These products are sold with a label of dietary supplements.

Note that, as per the new rules updated by FDA; supplements:

  • Must be produced with good techniques.
  • They should not contain impurities or contaminants.
  • They must be appropriately labelled.

These new rules are more important and are more specific to consumer’s health.

Who is the right candidate for Dietary Supplement?

Note that, dietary supplements are produced to supplement diet; they are not intended to replace food nutrition. These supplements can be used just to enhance the diet to recover the shortfalls but one must understand that consumption of minerals, vitamins and other dietary supplements can never work for health improvement in a straight way. You need to focus on routine diet to have real impact.

FDA have recognised few people who need supplements essentially because they find it hard to get desired amount from regular diet. The list of such people includes:

  • Senior Citizens.
  • People who have food allergies.
  • Strict Vegetarians.
  • Nursing mothers and
  • Pregnant Women.

Amino acid supplement is a preferred source of protein for athletes. Research dietary supplements have listed several categories of their products; the list may include:


One can consume multivitamin once a day but it also depends upon age, sex and need of your body.

Meal Replacements:

People who are not able to take right food due to illness can take benefits from meal replacements but follow expert guidelines.

Sports Nutrition Supplements:

They are designed to improve performance of sports persons; you can find these supplements in form of drinks, formulas, powders and pills.


Although it is available in form of supplements but the better idea is to take right amount of calcium from dairy products, raisins, fish, beans, leafy greens and other fortified food items.


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