Gelatin benefits

The truth you may not have been told about gelatin

Most people think immediately of Jell-O when they think about gelatin, never really understanding or realizing that gelatin is one of the world’s oldest “super foods” and in addition to your diet that can completely and totally transform your overall health and well-being.

A protein that is “synthesized” from pura collagen, gelatin is absolutely brimming with the kinds of health benefits most folks are looking for these days. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of people today do not eat anywhere near as much gelatin as they are grandparents used to – or as ancient men and women did – but it’s a lot easier to add this supplement to your daily diet without having to consume a tremendous amount of Jell-O along the way!


What exactly is gelatin, anyway?

As we highlighted above, gelatin is a form of collagen that has broken down into its smallest particulate form. Essentially a translucent and flavorless substance that can be created by processing animal bones and concentrating the collagen connected within those bones and connective tissue, gelatin has nine of the essential amino acids you should be consuming on a daily basis – of which there are only 18!What exactly is gelatin

Gelatin is created when animal bones, tendons, meat, and “castoff” components of the animal are boiled over hours and hours, then allowing the broth to cool and separating the gelatin from the rest of the liquid.

If you’ve ever had a bowl of “bone broth” – something incredibly popular at some of the best restaurants all over the US right now – you’ve essentially eat a bowl of stock with a tremendous amount of gelatin in it!


What are the big benefits that gelatin brings to the table?

As we highlighted above, the gelatin benefits and you’ll be able to enjoy are numerous. You’ll be able to notice almost immediately improved health across the board, but the biggest benefits are going to include:collagen structure

Antiaging properties, especially after you hit the age of 30 when our bodies begin to see a natural decrease in collagen across the board. By getting more collagen in your daily diet you’re able to keep your collagen stores up, and that’s going to help you look and feel a whole lot younger than you would have otherwise.

Cellulite protection is another benefit but when you consume a lot of gelatin on a regular basis. Cellulite is essentially a breakdown of collagen that can be accelerated by nutritional deficiencies. Get more collagen into your body in the form of gelatin and you’ll be able to prevent cellulite from forming in the first place.

You’ll also be able to elevate your metabolism with more gelatin in your daily diet. Packed with all of those amino acids that we highlighted above (half of all essential amino acids), you will be able to trigger your metabolism to operate at a higher level with improved efficiency. This turns you into a fat melting machine, melting fat from your body on a 24/7 basis – regardless of whether you went to the gym!


As you can see, the gelatin benefits are numerous and you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to add this simple dietary supplement to your intake as often as you’re able to.


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